Help Build something Special.

My Eagle Scout Project is to install playground equipment at the Anna Julia Cooper Episcopal School.

The new structures will greatly expand the possibilities for entertainment outside. I remember how much fun my friends and I had playing on the playground equipment in lower school. I hope the students at the Anna Julia Cooper School will use the new playground area and outdoor classroom to create the kinds of great memories I have from my time in lower and middle school.

Outdoor Play Area

There is currently no playground equipment for the 2nd and 3rd grade classes that the school will be welcoming in the fall of 2021. I am happy to be able to purchase and install the tree deck natural playground with a net climber, climbing wall, and notched log ladder. I would also like to provide a swing set.


AJC provides full-tuition scholarships to 2nd-8th grade students of limited economic resources from Richmond’s East End.

Through a program focused on the whole child, they empower students and graduates to change the trajectory of their lives, setting their sights on success in high school, college, and serving their communities.


The school helps their students develop the self-confidence, strength of character, academic skills, and sense of hope needed to open the door to a promising future.

I am grateful to be able to help their mission by providing playground equipment for the elementary school and an outdoor classroom for all ages. These tools will be well utilized by the school in their effort help students reach their full potential. On behalf of the school, the Boy Scouts, and myself, thank you! We greatly appreciate your support.